G001 Major items and combinations of Group G

G002 M1917 Artillery tractor, 5-Ton, Benjamin Holt

G003 M1917 Artillery tractor, 10-Ton, Benjamin Holt

G004 M1918 Trailer 3" field gun, 3-inch M1918 gun

G005 M1918 trailer, 10-Ton, tank hauler

G006 M1918 Shop Trailer, 4-Ton

G007 M2 light tractor, Caterpillar Inc. Model 20

G008 M1918 Body Repair

G009 Items common to two or more Group G Material

G010 M1918 light repair truck, Dodge

G011 M1918 anti-aircraft Gun trailer, 1 1/2-Ton

G012 M1917 Tank, 6-Ton, Renault FT-17

G013 MK-VIII Tank, Tank Mark VIII

G014 M1 cross country car

G015 M1 Light Ordnance Tractor Caterpillar Inc.

G016 M1 light shop truck, (Machine)

G017 Trailer, Maintenance, Heavy ord.

G018 M1918 small arms repair truck

G020 Truck, maintenance, Heavy Ord.

G021 Tractor, medium, M1 Caterpillar Inc., Model 30

G022 Tractor Ordnance, Caterpillar Inc. Model 60

G023 Tractor, M1 rail, 4-Ton

G024 Tractor, M2 rail, 8-Ton

G025 Tractor Rail, W/ track-laying adapters, Fordson

G026 Trailer M1, Instrument, 6-Ton

G027 Motor Vehicle Tool Sets (Special)
G027 Tool Sets, Specialists and Organizational (Common)

G028 Mover, Prime, M1, 8-Ton, anti-aircraft gun

G029 Car, Armoured M1

G030 Halftrack T1E1, 4 -Ton, James A. Cunningham (1933)

G031  Car, M1 Scout

G032   Car, M2 Scout

G033   Halftrack, T4 , 5-Ton, wire laying, GMC, (1934)

G034   Halftrack, T5, 6-Ton, GMC   Cunningham

G035   Car, Armoured T11- 4-Ton, 4X4, T11E1 - T11E2

G036   Light track, 3 -Ton, Cletrac   Model 20c

G037   Halftrack, T3, 20 -Ton,   Linn Mfg. Co.

G038   Tank, Light, M2 - M2A1 - M2A2 - M2A3 -Combat car, M1, M1A1

G039   Tank, Light, M2A2

G040   Tank, Medium, T3  12-Tons, U.S. Convertible Systems Inc

G041   Tank, Medium, 3E2, 16-Tons, U.S. Convertible Systems Inc.

G042   Tank, Medium, T4 12-Tons, U.S. Convertible Systems Inc

G043   Car, Combat, T1, 12-Tons, U.S. Convertible Systems Inc.

G045   T3E3 Light tractor, 3 -Ton - T4E4

G046   Ordnance tractor, 3 1/2-Ton, Caterpillar Inc., Model 25

G047   M1 medium tractor, Caterpillar Inc. Model 35

G048   M1 medium tractor, Allis-Chalmers Monarch k35

G049   M1 medium tractor, Cletrac Model 80

G051   Ordnance tractor, Allis-Chalmers Monarch K35

G052   Ordnance tractor, 10-Ton, Caterpillar Inc. Model 65

G053   M1 heavy tractor, Allis-Chalmers

G054   Ordnance tractor, Cletrac Model 80

G055   M1 Ordnance tractor, 3-ton, Allis-Chalmers

G056   T20 Ordnance tractor, International Harvester

G057   Truck, 1 -3-Ton, Ordnance Maintenance, General Motors  - M3 machine shop -M4 Machine Shop

G058 GMC, 4X4 Truck, 1 1/2-3 ton, Ord Maint.
G059 GMC, 4X4 Truck, 1 1/2-3 ton, Ord Maint.

G060   T2 squad car White Armoured car

G061   Truck, emergency repair, M1 (Telephone company type body, ton, 4x4) - Truck, emergency repair, M2 ( ton, 4x4) also K-50 truck or K-50b truck

G062   Truck, heavy machine shop

G063    M1 heavy wrecker truck, Corbitt

G064    M1 tractor crane, 1-Ton, Allis-Chalmers Model M

G065    B1A Bomb trailer,

G066    M4 Scout car

G067    Scout Car, White Motor Co., 4X4 
G069 Caterpillar, 6 ton, Tractor, Crawler Series

G070     Tractor, Marmon-Herrington Model TA-30

G071     T6 light wheeled tractor

G072 GMC, 4X4 Truck, 1 - 3 ton, Ord Maint.

G073   T2 medium wrecking truck,
G074   Saginaw, 2 ton, Trailer, 3-wheel, Chemical Handling - Bomb

G075    T7 Halftrack, White Motor (M2A2)

G076    T1 armoured car, Command

G077    T1 tank trainer

G078    T2 combat car trainer

G079    M2 motor carriage, mortar

G080    T5E1 motor carriage, 4.2 inch

G081    M2 Medium Tank -  M2A1 Rock Island Arsenal

G082     Truck, 1 -3-Ton, Ordnance Maintenance, General Motors - M1 Artillery repair - M2 Artillery repair

G083     Truck, 1 -3-Ton, ordnance maintenance, General Motors - M1 Automotive repair - - M2 Automotive repair

G084     Truck, 1 -3-Ton, ordnance maintenance, General Motors  - M1 spare parts - M2 spare parts

G085    M1 Bomb service truck, 1 -Ton, 4X4, Ford - M6 Bomb service truck, 1 -Ton, 4X4, Chevrolet  G086    M1 Light tank - M1A1

G087    M2 Halftrack

G088    M1 medium Ordnance tractor, Caterpillar Inc. R-4 W/angle dozer

G089    M1 heavy tractor, Caterpillar Inc. RD-7 Diesel, Caterpillar D7

G090    M4 plotting room trailer

G091 GMC, 4X4 Truck, 1 -3 ton, Ord Maint.
G092 GMC, 4X4 Truck, 1
-3 ton, Ord Maint.

G093    T23E1 trailer, 1-Ton

G094    Tractor, Light, Wheeled, industrial type B. Allis-Chalmers

G095     M1 medium tractor, Cletrac W/angle dozer

G096 Cletrac, 7 ton, High-speed Tractor (aircraft, heavy equipment)

G097  Trailer heavy duty, 14-Ton Winter-Wess
G098 Allis-Chalmers, Tractor, Crawler, Heavy (tows 155-mm gun)
G099 IHC, 2ton, Tractor, Crawler Series

G100  T5 cross country carrier,
G101 IHC, Tractor, Crawler, Heavy (tows 155-mm gun)
G102 Autocar, White, Diamond T et al, Car, Halftrack Series (all models except international)
G103 American Car & Foundry, Tank, Light "Stuart"
G104  Sherman medium tank - M3 Lee, M3A1, M3A2, M3A3, M3A4, M3A5, M4, M4A1, M4A2, M4A3, M4A4, M4A6.

G105     M1 Medium tractor, Allis-Chalmers Model WM

G106     M1 Medium tractor, International Harvester   Model T6 W/angle dozer

G107     M1 heavy tractor, Allis-Chalmers Model HD10W

G108     Tractor crane, 1-Ton, International Harvester Model T6

G109     M1 Bomb service Truck, Ford  Model 19F

G110     M1 Bomb service truck, Diamond T Model 201-BS

G111     M2 medium tractor, Cletrac Model MG

G112     M1 emergency repair, Fargo Dodge

G113     M2 light tractor, International Harvester Model T6


G115    M5 Bomb service truck, (Chevrolet)

G116    Ward LaFrance, et al, 10 ton, 6X6 Truck, Heavy Wrecker

G117    M6 tractor crane, 7-Ton - M12 trailer, 9-ton
G118   Baldwin Locomotive, Tank, Heavy, 3-inch gun

G119     T23E2 trailer, 6-Ton

G120     M5 motor carriage, 3" Gun, Cletrac
G121 Dodge, 3/4 ton, 4X4 Carriage, Motor, 37-mm gun
G122 Chevrolet, 4X4 Car, Armoured, Medium "Staghound"
G123  Tracked trailer  built by Athey Truss Wheel CO. - 6-Ton model BT898-1 general cargo - 6-Ton model BT898-4 general cargo  - 20-Ton model ET1076-1 general cargo - Athey, 20 ton, Trailer, Track Laying

G124     Light tractor, Caterpillar Inc. model D-2
G125 Allis-Chambers, Tractor, Crawler, Medium Series
G126 Caterpillar, 2 ton, Tractor, Crawler, Heavy Series
G127 Cadillac, Carriage, Motor, 75-mm Howitzer
G128 American Locomotive, Carriage, Motor, 105-mm Howitzer "Priest"

G130 Fisher Tank (GMC), Carriage, Motor, 3-inch Gun
G132 IHC, 2 ton, Tractor, Crawler, Medium Series

G133  T18E2 Armoured car, Yellow Coach

G134  T17 armoured car Ford

G135  T13 Armoured car, REO
G136 Ford, 6X6 Armoured Car, Light (w/turret, 37-mm gun)

G137  M7 medium tank, International Harve ster

G138  GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Small Arms Repair
G139  GMC,2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Automotive Repair
G140  GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Artillery Repair
G141  GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Instrument Repair
G142  GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Welding

G143 GMC , Ordnance Maintenance Truck,2 -Ton, 6X6,  - M13 tool and bench truck

G144  GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Spare Parts

G145  GMC, Ordnance Maintenance Truck, 2 1/2-Ton, 6X6,  - M18 electric repair truck
G146  GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Machine Shop
G147 International, Carrier, Personnel, Halftrack Series
G148 Marmon-Herrington, Tank, Light "Locust"
G149 GMC, 2 -Ton, 6X6 Truck, Electrical Repair
G150 Allis-Chambers, 18 ton, Tractor, High Speed (artillery)
G151 Caterpillar, Tractor, Crawler, Light Series

G152 Tractor, medium, Caterpillar Inc. Model D6, Caterpillar D6

G153 Tractor, heavy, Caterpillar Inc. model D8, Caterpillar D8
G154 Studebaker, Carrier, Light Cargo "Weasel" (front engine)
G156 GMC, et al, Landing Vehicle, Tracked
G157 John Deere, Trailer, Armoured (tank-towed)
G158   T14 cargo carrier , Pressed Steel Car Co. - M12 Gun Motor Carriage
G159 Diamond T, 12 ton, 6X4 Truck - Fruehauf, et al, 45 ton, Trailer, 12-wheel Tank Transporter
G160 Pacific Car & Foundry, 12 ton, 6X6 Truck, Tractor (Armoured)
G160 Pacific Car & Foundry, 12 ton, 6X6 Truck, Tractor (Unarmoured), 12V - Pacific Car & Foundry, 6X6 Truck, Tractor (unarmoured), 24V
G161 Weaver, Truck, Lift (trailer, aerial bomb and torpedo)
G162 IHC, 13 ton, Tractor, High-speed (artillery towing)
G162 IHC, 13 ton, Tractor, High-speed (hard top, artillery towing)
G162 IHC, 13 ton, Tractor, High-speed (hor. springs, artillery towing)
G162 IHC, 13 ton, Tractor, High-speed (hard top, hor. spring, artillery towing)
G163 Buick, Carriage, Motor, 76-mm gun, "Hellcat" tank destroyer
G164 Buick, Vehicle, Utility, Armoured (M18 chassis)

G165   Tank infantry, MK-III
G166 Ford, Carrier, Universal, GAU "Bren"
G167 FMC, et al, Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Unarmoured
G168 FMC, Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Armoured
G169 Baldwin Locomotive, Vehicle, Tank Recovery
G170 Ford, Carriage, Motor, 3-inch gun

G171  T16 light tank, Marmon-Herrington model CTIS-4TAC
G172 Thew shovel, Crane, Truck-mounted - Gramm, 3 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel, Clamshell
G173 Trainer, Gunnery, Tank 75-mm

G174  Motor toboggan  Carl Eliason, Model C. snowmobile , Four Wheel Drive Co.

G175   Special tool combat vehicle
G176 Ford, 6X6 Armoured Utility Car
G177 Fontaine, 5 ton, Trailer, 4-wheel, Ammo, Handling Truck Carrier
G178 GMC, 2
ton, 6X6 Truck, Instrument Bench
G179 Studebaker, Carrier, Cargo "Weasel" (rear engine)
G179 Studebaker, Carrier, Cargo "Weasel" (rear engine, amphibious)
G180 Kits, standard hardware and shop supplies

G181 Tractor light, wheeled, Case  Model LA1

G182   Kits, standard hardware, and shop supplies

G183   T23 Medium tank
G184 Allis-Chambers, 38 ton, Tractor, High-speed (tows artillery)
G185 Vehicle, Tank Recovery
G186 Vehicle, Tank Recovery
G187 Vehicle, Tank Recovery
G188 Vehicle, Tank Recovery

G189  M1 Bomb lift truck Weaver Mfg. co.

G190   M4E5 medium tank, Continental engine

G191   M4E8 medium tank, Ford engine

G192   Motorized shop, Type AAB,

G193   T10 Medium shop tractor

G194 Allis-Chambers, Tractor, Snow

G195  M19 snow trailer, 1-Ton

G196  M10 medium tractor, Cletrac

G197  T23E1 medium tank

G198   T26E1 heavy tank
G199 Carriage, Motor, 105-mm Howitzer
G200 Cadillac, Tank, Light "Chaffee"
G200 Carriage, Motor, Twin 40-mm Gun

G201  M16 trailer, for clamshell scoop

G202  M31A1 tank recovery vehicle, M3A3 W/crane

G203  M31B2 tank recovery vehicle, M3A5 W/crane
G204 Tank, Medium, 75-mm Gun
G205 Tank, Medium, 76-mm Gun

G206  M4 Medium tank, 76-MM Gun, Wet,
G207 Tank, Medium, 76-mm Gun
G208 FMC, Landing Vehicle, Tracked
G209 FMC, Landing Vehicle, Tracked
G210 Fisher (GM), Carriage, Motor, 90-mm Gun


G212     M4A2 Medium Tank, 76-MM Gun, Wet, GMC
G213 Oneida, et al, 4 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel, Ammunition
G214 FMC, Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Armoured
G214 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Armoured

G215  M34 Tank recovery vehicle, (M32B1)
G216 Utility, 8 ton, Trailer, 4-wheel, Ammunition

G217     Carriage, for M51 .50 cal MG.

G218     T1E1 Mine Exploder, (Sherman)

G219     T1E3 Mine Exploder, (Sherman)

G220     M20 trailer mount for Quadmount M45C, M55
G221 Brill, 2 ton, Trailer, 4-wheel, Director
G221 Brill, et al, 2ton, Trailer, 4-wheel, Director
G221 Brill, et al, 2 ton, Trailer, 4-wheel, Generator
G221 Fruehauf, et al, 2 ton, Trailer, 4-wheel, Generator

G222  M33 tank recovery vehicle

G223 M35 motor carriage, 3" Gun,

G224 T53 Bomb Trailer, 1-Ton Strick Co.

G225 M4A3E2 Medium Tank, Assault, 75-MM Gun, wet. GMC
G226 Detroit Arsenal (Chrysler), Tank, 90-mm Gun "Pershing"
G227 GMC, 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Shop Van
G228 Bulldozer, Tank Mounting
G229 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Signal Corps General Repair
G229 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Small Arms Repair

G230     M4A1 medium tank, 75MM Gun, wet,

G231     T36 snow tractor
G232 Carriage, Motor, 155-mm Gun
G232 Carriage, Motor, 8-inch Howitzer
G233 Carriage, Motor, 90-mm Gun
G234 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Tire Repair
G234 Krieger, 1 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel, Tire Repair
G235 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Signal Corps General Repair
G236 Carriage, Motor, 155-mm Howitzer

G237     M36B2 Gun Motor Carriage, 90-MM, M36 Jackson

G238 M37 Gun Motor Carriage ,105-MM Howitzer.

G239  T26E heavy tank, 105MM Howitzer

G240 M29 Bomb trailer   -Ton payload American Bantam Car Co.

G241  Tank medium, 75MM Gun, wet.

G242 M19 motor carriage, 40MM Gun, Wet, MXWH

G243  T1E4 mine exploder, -T1E6

G244  M46 Patton
G245  M76 Amphibious cargo carrier Otter

G246  M3 tank dozer

G247  M2 bulldozer, M4A3 Sherman

G248   M19A1 self proprlled gun , 40MM gun,

G249  Winterisation kits Vol. 1, personnel heaters, Stewart-Warner , Vol. 2, Engine heaters, Perfection , Vol. 3, Vol. 4, MB / GPW's , Vol. 5, 3/4-ton WC's and 1 -ton WC's. DEC-1954 , Vol. 6, GMC-CCKW

- Vol. 7, M-29  Weasel , Vol. 8, Vol. 9, M38 jeeps , Vol. 10, M37,    ton trucks , Vol. 11, Chevy 1 -ton, 4X4

G250 Deep Water Fording Kits
G251 Cadillac, Tank, Light, 76-mm Gun, "Walker Bulldog"
G252 Allis-Chambers, Tractor, High-speed with Bulldozer

G253  M42 Duster , 40 MM

G254  T48 Tank 90MM Gun, M48 Patton

G255  T42 Tank 90MM Gun,

G256   T43 Tank, 120MM Gun,

G257 Carriage, Motor, 155-mm Howitzer
G258 Carriage, Motor, 105-mm Howitzer
G259 Carriage, Motor, 155-mm Gun

G260  T18E1 APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) full track, M75 (APC)
G261 Carriage, Motor, 8-inch Howitzer
G262 Tank, Medium

G263  T17 Tank trainer, 76MM Gun

G264  T18 Tank trainer, 90MM Gun

G265  M4 tank bulldozer

G266  T8E4 bulldozer tractor

G268  M249 Truck, 4X4, Gun lifting,

G269  T39E1 combat engineer vehicle

G270  T44 cargo tractor

G271  T4E1 Wrecker, high speed tractor,

G272  T6 Wrecker, high speed tractor,

G273  T44 cargo tractor

G274   M51-T51 Tank recovery vehicle

G275  M3E1 tank bulldozer

G276  T16 Tank bulldozer

G277 FMC, Landing Vehicle, Tracked LVT-6 - LVT-5

G278     T18E1 tank bulldozer

G279     M44 self propelled howitzer, 155MM howitzer

G280     M59-T74 tank recovery Vehicle

G281     M74 Tank Recovery Vehicle, Medium, (Sherman)
G392 Cadillac Gage, 4X4 Armoured Car "Commando"


G400  M274A5 2-wheel steer model truck platform,  Truck, Platform, Utility 1/2 Ton, MULE( See also G823)

G501 GMC, 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Amphibian "DUKW"(Duck)
G502 Dodge, 3/4 ton, 4X4 Truck Series
G503 Willys, Ford, 1/4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Command Recon "Jeep"
G504 Ford, 1/4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Amphibian "Seep"
G505 Dodge, 1/2 ton, 4X4 Truck Series
G506 Chevrolet, 1 1/2 ton, 4X4 Truck Series
G507 Dodge, 1 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Personnel and Cargo
G508 GMC, 2 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck Series
G509 Diamond T, 4 ton, 6X6 Truck Series
G510 Autocar, 4-5 ton, 4X4 Truck Tractor, COE
G511 Autocar, 5-6 ton, 4X4 Truck Series, COE
G512 Corbit, 6 ton, 6X6 Truck, Prime Mover
G513 Federal, 4-5 ton, 6X6 Truck Series
G514 White, 6 ton, 6X6 Truck Series

G515 Trailer, 1/2-Ton, cargo, van, Miller

G516 Trailer 1-ton, Miller Model CP-1
G517 A.J. Miller, et al, 1 ton, Trailer, Mobile Communications
G518 Ben-Hur, et al, 1 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel Series
G519 Huffman, Bicycle, Folding
G519 Huffman, Bicycle, Men's
G519 Huffman, Bicycle, Women's
G519 Columbia, Men's and Women's Bicycle
G520 Chevrolet, 4X2 Carrier, Personal Series
G521 Plymouth, 4X2 Carrier, Personal, 5-passenger, Light
G522 Ford, 4X2 Carrier, Personal, 5-passenger, Light
G523 Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Solo (45 cid V-2, chain-drive)
G523 Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, w/Sidecar (45 cid V-2, chain-drive)
G524 Indian, Motorcycle, Solo (45 cid V-2, chain-drive)
G524 Indian, Motorcycle, w/Sidecar (45 cid V-2, chain-drive)
G525 Highway, 6 ton, Semitrailer, 2-wheel
G526 White, 6 ton, 6X6 Truck Series
G527 Ben-Hur, et al, 1 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel, Water Tank, 250-gal
G528 Mack, 10 ton, 6X4 Truck Series
G529 (Various), 1/4 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel, Cargo or K38 Telephone Splicer
G530 Black Diamond, 3 1/2 ton, Semitrailer, 2-wheel, Stake and Platform or Van
G531 FWD, 4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Cargo
G532 Mack, 7 1/2 ton, 6X6 Truck, Prime Mover
G533 Mack, 5 ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G534 Carter, 6 ton, Semitrailer, 2-wheel, Special Copy or Textile Repair
G535 Mack, 6 ton, 6X6 Truck, Cargo w/winch

G536     Truck, 5-Ton tractor, Autocar

G537     Trailer, 6-ton, cargo, Hobbs

G538     Semitrailer, 6-Ton, laundry, Lufkin
G539 Federal, 2 1/2 ton, 4X2 Truck, Dump
G539 Federal, 2 1/2 ton, 4X2 Truck, Telephone Maintance
G540 Ford, 1 1/2 ton, 4X2 Truck and Bus Service
G541 International, 2 1/2 ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G542 International, 5 ton, 4X2 Truck, Dump

G243 Trailer, 1-Ton, cargo, American Bantam

G544  Semitrailer, 7-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform, Edwards Iron Works

G545  Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Van.

G546  Semitrailer, 7-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform, W. C. Nabors Co.
G547 Brockway, 6 ton, 6X6 Truck, Bridge Erector
G548 Cadillac-Superior, 3/4 ton, 4X4 Ambulance, 4-litter, Metropolitan
G549 Packard, 3/4 ton, 4X2 Ambulance, 4-litter, Metropolitan

G550 Station wagon, 5-passenger, 4X2, Pontiac

G551 Motor Scooter with Package carrier, Cushman Model 39
G552 Amphibian Car Corp., 1/2 ton, 4X4 Truck, Amphibian "Aqua Cheetah"
G553 GMC, 1 1/3-3 ton, 4X4 Truck, Ordnance Maintenance
G554 Diamond T, 2 1/2 ton, 4X2 Truck, Telephone Maintenance (also cargo, dump)
G555 Federal, 5 ton, 4X2 Truck, Dump
G556 Corbitt, et al, 8 ton, 6X4 Truck, Tractor

G557  Truck, 10-Ton, Dump, Mack Truck

G558  Semitrailer, gas tanker, 2,000 Gal. Fruehauf
G569 Gerstenslager, 6 ton, Semitrailer, Shoe Repair (10 ton gross)

G570 Semitrailer, 3-Ton, Van, Carolina

G571 Semitrailer, 3-Ton, Van, Steel Products

G572 Semitrailer, 7-Ton, cargo, Highway Trailer Co.

G573 Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Clothing repair van, Rivers

G574 Semitrailer, 5-Ton, wheel pole, Dorsey

G575 Semitrailer, 3-Ton, Refer, American Body

G576 Semitrailer, 5-Ton, House, K-55 trailer

G577 Semitrailer, 5-Ton, Refer, Trailer Co. of America

G578 Semitrailer, 8-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform, Mack Truck

G579 Semitrailer, 3-Ton, Van, Highway Trailer Co.

G580 Gramm, et al, 6 ton, Semitrailer, Combination Animal and Cargo (8 men/horses)

G581 Semitrailer, 10-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform, Fruehauf

G582 Semitrailer, 3 -Ton, Combination Stake and Platform, Strick

G583 Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Map reproducing van, Travelcar

G584 Gramm, 6 ton, Semitrailer, Laundry (10 ton gross)
G585 Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Solo (2-cyl. opposed, shaft -drive)

G586 Semitrailer, 10-Ton, Textile Repair van, Gramm Motor and Trailer Co.

G587 Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Textile Repair.
G588 Utility, 6 ton, Semitrailer, Textile Repair (10 ton gross)

G589 Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Sterilizer and Bath, Gramm Motor and Trailer Co.

G590 Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Sterilizer and Bath, Gramm Motor and Trailer Co.
G591 Rivers Body, et al, 6 ton, Semitrailer, Clothing Repair (10 ton gross)
G592 Watson Automotive, 6 ton, Semitrailer, Mobile Records (10 ton gross)

G593 Semitrailer, 10-Ton, van, Century

G594 Semitrailer, 10-Ton, van, Highway Trailer Co

G595 Semitrailer, 7-Ton, panel cargo, Gramm
G596 Highway Trailer, et al, 7 ton, Semitrailer, Cargo (10 ton gross)

G597 Semitrailer, 7-Ton, Cargo, Carter

G598 Semitrailer, 7-Ton, Cargo, Whitehead

G599 Semitrailer, 11-Ton, Refer, Hyde Model KR-20
G600 Truck Engineering, et al, 7 1/2 ton, Semitrailer, Low Platform (12 ton Gross)

G601 Semitrailer, 10-Ton, stake, Fruehauf Trailer co.

G602 Semitrailer, 10-Ton, low bed, Highway Trailer Co.

G603 Semitrailer, 12 -Ton, van, Fruehauf Trailer Co.

G604 Semitrailer, 22 -Ton, Low Platform, Trailer Co. of America

G605 Trailer 1/2 Ton, public address van.
G605 Chevrolet, 1
ton, 4X4 Truck, Stake and Platform
G605 Bartlett, et al,
ton, Trailer, Van, Public Address (Chaplain's)
G606 Schult, et al, 1 ton, Trailer, Van, 2-horse

G607 Trailer, 4-Ton, van, Superior

G608 Trailer, 5-Ton, refer, low bed, American Body

G609 Trailer, 5-Ton, van, Corbitt

G610 Trailer, 20-Ton, platform, Jahn
G611 Simplex, Motor Driven Airborne Bicycle "Servi-Cycle"
G612 Chevrolet,
ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G613 Dodge,
ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G614 Amphibian Car Corp.,
ton, 4X4 Truck, Amphibian "Aqua Cheetah"
G615 Ford,
ton, 4X2 Truck, Pickup
G616 Chevrolet, 3/4 ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G617 Chevrolet, 1
ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G618 Dodge, 1
ton, 4X2 Truck, Cargo

G619 Truck, 1 Ton, 4x4, Ford
G620 GMC, 1
ton, 4X2 Truck Series
G621 Dodge, 1
ton, 4X4 Truck Series
G622 Ford, 1
ton, 4X4 Cargo Truck Series (USN GTBA or Mk 1)
G623 GMC, 2
ton, 4X2 Truck, Cargo
G624 Mack, 2
ton, 4X2 Truck, Cargo

G625 Truck, 2 Ton, 4X2, REO
G626 Autocar, 2
ton, 4X4 Truck, Oil Servicing (U4144t: 4X4 Tractor)
G627 GMC, 2
ton, 4x4 Truck, Tractor, AFKX-502
G628 GMC, 2
ton, 6X4 Truck, Searchlight, AFKX-354 (5 seat cab)
G629 Mack, 2
ton, 6X4 Truck, Searchlight (5 seat cab)
G630 Studebaker, 2
-5 ton, 6X6, 6X4 Truck Series
G631 Indian, Motorcycle, Solo (45 cid V-2, shaft-drive)
G632 GMC, 4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Van, AFX-804

G633 Truck, 4-Ton, Wrecker, White Motor Co. Model 950-X-6
G635 Autocar, 5 ton, 4X4 Truck, Tractor (COE)

G636 Truck, 5-Ton, GMC  CCW-353

G637 Truck, 5-Ton, cargo, International Harvester
G638 FWD, 5-6 ton, 4X4 Truck (COE)
G639 Mack, 5-6 ton, 4X4 Truck, Tractor (COE)

G640 Truck, 6-Ton, 4X2, Dump, Diesel, Mack Truck

G641 Truck, 7 Ton, 6X6, Tractor, Minneapolis-Moline
G642 White, 10 ton, 6X4 Truck, Cargo (various bodies)
G643 Hug, 7
ton, 6X6 Truck, Cargo
G644 Packard, 4X2 Car, Passenger, Medium Sedan

G645 Truck, 20 Ton, 6X4, Diesel, Reo 28X

G646 Truck, Ton, 4X2, GMC AC-101 - Carryall - Pickup
G647 GMC, 5 ton, 4X2 Truck, Dump
G648 Federal, Reo, 20 ton, 6X4 Truck, Tractor (also 1600-gal. fuel tanker)
G649 FWD, 5-6 ton, 4X4 Truck, Timber Hauler (COE)
G650 Mack, 4X2 Truck, Fire, Powered Pumper
G651 International, 2
ton, 6X6 Truck Series
G652 Mack, 5 ton, 6X4 Truck, Wrecker

G653 Autocar master parts list

G654 Chevrolet master parts list

G655 GMC master parts list

G656 Studebaker master parts list

G657 Dodge master parts list

G658 Ford master parts list

G659 International Harvester master parts list

G660 M10 ammunition trailer,  Fruehauf Trailer Co

G661 Trailer, 7 Ton, K-72 Trailer  Van

G662 cart, jungle, 2-wheel Miller

G663 Semitrailer, 6 -Ton, pipe, Fruehauf Trailer co.

G664 Semitrailer, 6 Ton, Shoe Repair, Gerstenslager Co.

G665 Semitrailer, 6 Ton, Clothing Repair, Rivers Body Factory, Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Textile Repair, Carter Mfg. Co., Semitrailer, 6-Ton, Van,

G666 Truck, 12 Ton, COE, stake, GMC

G667 Semitrailer, 12 Ton, flat bed, Fruehauf Trailer co.

G668 Semitrailer, 12 Ton, flat bed, Steel Products

G669 Truck, 6-Ton, 6X6, cargo, White Motor Co. model 666-LMB

G670 Truck, 4-Ton, 6X6. Dump, REO

G671 International, 5 ton, 4X2 Truck, Tractor
G671 International, 5 ton, 4X2 Truck, Tractor
G672 Cushman, Package Delivery Motor Scooter "Package Kar"

G673 Motorcycle, chain drive, Indian
G674 Indian, Motorcycle, Solo (30 cid V-2, chain-drive)

G675 Semitrailer, 5-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform,

G676 M365 Dolly, 10-Ton, Trailer converter, Fruehauf Trailer Co. - Semitrailer, 10-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform,

G677 Semitrailer, 11-Ton, 28' Van

G678 F2B Semitrailer, 2,000 Gal. Fuel Servicing, Heil Co.

G679 Motor scooter, W/sidecar, Cushman Model 34

G680 Motorcycle, Harley Davidson  Model 40-UA with Sidecar (74 cid V-2, chain-drive)

G681 Semitrailer, 11-Ton, 28', Van, Trailer Co. of America

G682 Semitrailer, 11-Ton, 28', Van, Black Diamond

G683 Motor Scooter, Airborne, Cushman Motor works Model 53 "Autoglide"

G684 Truck, 4-Ton, 4X4, with shovel crane, by Quick-Way truck Shovel Co.

G685 Trailer 1/4-Ton, K-38 trailer telephone cable splicer.

G686 Trailer 2-Ton, K-36 trailer pole, and cargo

G687 Trailer 5-Ton, K-37 trailer pole, and cable hauler.

G688 29 passenger bus, 1 ton, 4X2, International Harvester, model K5, KS5

G690 Truck, 6-Ton, 6X6, Bridge erector, Brockway

G691 Truck, 4-5-Ton, 4X4, White Motor Co. - Tractor, COE,

G692 Biederman, Reo, et al, 7 ton, 6X6 Truck, Tractor (C2: Wrecker. P1: Crane)
G692 Biederman, 7
ton, 6X6 Truck, Tractor
G692 Federal, Reo, 7
ton, 6X6 Truck, Wrecker

G693 Trailer, 3/4-Ton, pole hauler, York-Hoover


G695 Dolly, trailer converter, K-83 dolly for K-78 trailer

G696 Trailer 7-Ton K-28 trailer ( B and C),for SCR-268

G697 Trailer 5-Ton K-34 trailer payload, SCR-268

G698 Semitrailer 12-Ton K-78 trailer, SCR-584 van, and antenna

G699 Trailer 1 1/2 Ton, K-35 trailer, K-65 trailer, house, SCR-270

G700 Trailer 5-Ton K-76 trailer, K-77 trailer  for SCR-527

G701 Semitrailer 6-Ton, K-67 trailer, SCR-547 antenna mount

G702 Trailer 14-Ton, K-75 trailer, SCR-545 antenna, and cab.

G703 Semitrailer 8-Ton, K-22 trailer, K-64 trailer, SCR-270 antenna mount.

G704 trailer 3-Ton, K-29 trailer for SCR-277

G705 PG-45 Pigeon trailer, Ton, Weston Trailer Co.

G706 Semitrailer 11-Ton, 28' van, general cargo. - Semitrailer, 11-Ton, 28' Van

G707 Semitrailer 6-Ton van, general cargo

G708 Dolly, light duty, model DC-3

G709 Truck, 2 Ton, 6X6, medical van,

G710 Trailer 20-Ton, Low bed, Fruehauf Trailer Co.

G711 Signal Corps Van Bodies, K-53 Truck

G712 Semitrailer, 11-Ton, 28' Van

G713 M26 semitrailer 7-Ton van, for gun computer M8N,  and M8P semitrailer 15-Ton V-9 Trailer for AN/MPG-1 radar

G714 Trailer 7-Ton, low bed, K-84 trailer for SCR-784

G715 M13 Set, Dolly and Track,

G716 PE-95 power units, Millers engine Model 441

G717 Truck, 2 Ton, 6X4, 10,000 Gal. water sprinkler, Studebaker

G718 Truck, 2 Ton, 6X4, 1,350 Gal. gasoline, Hiel and Garwood

G719 Trailer, 5-Ton, cargo, Fruehauf Trailer Co.

G720 Trailer, 22-Ton, low bed, La Cross Model DF 6C-22

G721 M1 Cargo Sled  1-Ton

G722 Semitrailer, 6-Ton, V-9 trailer AN/MPG-1

G723 Semitrailer, 11-Ton, van, Fruehauf Trailer Co. Model 228-L

G724 Trailer, 12-Ton, V-5 Trailer  For AN/MPN-1

G725 Truck, 4-Ton, 6X6, Torpedo, air corps, Diamond T

G726 M1 light motorcycle, Airborne, Indian

G727 Trailer 2 Ton, Amphibian (used with DUKW) general cargo.

G728 Trailer, 22-Ton, low bed, La Cross Model DF 6T-22

G729 Trailer, 7 Ton, 2,500 Gal. Gasoline,

G730 Semitrailer, 2 1/2-Ton, stake and platform, W/dolly, Highway Trailer Co.

G731 Linn Coach and Truck, 1   ton, 4X2 Ambulance, 12-litter, Metropolitan


G737 M1A1 cargo sled, 1-Ton

G738 M14 cargo sled, 1-Ton

G739 M14A1 cargo sled, 1-Ton
G740 Willys, 1/4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Utility "Jeep", M38
G741 Dodge, 3/4 ton, 4X4 Truck Series, M37
G742 Reo, 2
ton, 6X6 Truck Series

G744 Diamond T, et al, 5 ton, 6X6 Truck, Dump, Tractor, Cargo, Wrecker
G745 Heil, 6 ton, Dolly, 2-wheel, Trailer Converter
G746 Springfield Auto, 10 ton, Dolly, 2-wheel, Trailer Converter
G747 Dunbar Kapple, 1/4 ton, trailer, 2-wheel

G748 M101 trailer, 1/4 Ton, cargo
G749 GMC, 2
ton, 6X6 Truck Series, M135/M211
G750 Fruehauf, Trailer

G754 Fruehauf, 1 1/2 ton, Trailer, 2-wheel

G758 Willys, 1/4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Utility, M38A1

G762 Cushman, Package Delivery Motor Scooter "Package Kar"
G763 Indian, Motorcycle, with Sidecar (74 cid V-2, chain-drive)

G792 Mack, 10 ton, 6X6 Truck, Tractor Cargo (front winch)


G813 M310 trailer 3 1/2-Ton, cable reel, K37B trailer 1955

G823 M274 truck platform, U.S. Military M274 -to- M274A4 4-wheel steer models Truck, Platform, Utility 1/2 Ton, 4X4 MULE ( See also G400)

G834 Dodge, 1 ton, 4X4 Truck Series (for export)

G838 Ford, Kaiser, 1/4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Utility "Jeep", - "Mutt", M151

G843 AMC, 1/4 ton, 4X4 Truck, Utility, Lightweight - "Mighty Mite"


G890  Truck, 1 ton, 4x4 (Kaiser Jeep), Kaiser Jeep M715

ORD 7 - Organizational Maintenance Allowances, ORD 8 - Field & Depot Maintenance Allowances, ORD 9  - List of all Service Parts