G503 First Aid & Gas Casualties Kits



The progression of First Aid Kits was:-
Red cross in a square - no numbers
US+MC with no numbers
Caduceus with no number
Caduceus with ITEM number

The segmented stock number is 100% post-war. 
Caduceus with stock number
pictures of most are included here... John Barton

Yes, I believe the U.S.M.C. kits are Marine Corps. Despite references to "Corps" that may exist, the official acronym used on WW2 Army medical gear was U.S.A. M.D. Check out the medical section in Government Issue (for example) and you'll see the use of U.S.A. M.D. markings or, better yet, the 1944 MED 3 Supply Catalogue. The relative scarcity of the "U.S.M.C." marked kits would correspond to the relatively limited production for an organization considerably smaller than the Army. I think they represent the early kits based on graphics, piano hinge and paint finish and were probably replaced by another style for the remainder of the war. JH

See:-  http://home.att.net/~combatmedic/


The progression of First Aid Gas Casualties Kits was:-

Yellow is earliest
Then Olive Drab with no number
The segmented stock number is 100% post war.

Various Clasps and Hinging 

Some Manufacturers Names are :- 

Green Company
Davis Co
Mine Safety Co

See:- http://home.att.net/~combatmedic/kkit_gau_casuality.htm

Two different types/brands of gas casualties kits One kit is DAVIS, no label on the other
also note outline lettering on one...another style!!! One is from first aid TM


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