John Hecker's Ford GPA

Some detailed pics of a locally owned GPA

John Hecker has been involved with Military Vehicles most of his life, his father, Sam, had always restored old vehicles and I guess John just "caught the bug"!

The GPA is located in Maryborough, Queensland

First time in water after a long restorationOriginal WW2 Photograph - No Copyright


Last year, 2004, John and I took the GPA to the Corowa "Swim In" Australia, where this GPA got it's feet wet for the first time in twenty or so years, apart from one small leak in the left side rear wheel well seam the GPA performed flawlessly, a credit to John's diligence and careful restoration. I hope you like the pics, please be aware, some may be large. I believe there are some parts that are still missing such as the wave/surf shield and the fuel tank tube may be incorrect, apart from that, it's a true representation of what an Australian used GPA should look like. Enjoy!

See The Australian Tac Signs to get information about the markings John used.














Corowa "Swim In" 2004

Packed, ready to leave for Corowa  If only they could breed?  But is it worth the risk?  Just in case, better to have backup!

Packed for Corowa, Shame they can't "mate", Gamma Goat taking a risk, Just in case help is needed.

Big brother is watching!  Beautiful DUKW  Another GPA, one of many at Corowa  Other GPA's were out and about

DUKWs on the Pond, Like ships passing in the night, Group Photo other GPA's out and about.