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Rewiring a Black Out Light on the Cheap

Pic 1/ (Left) So you have this blackout light and the wire is either worn or broken, This is what greets you when you have the wire insulation all shredded. it's an easy fix if you have a few tools or can make do with what's on hand..

Pic 2/ (Right) Strip the B/O Light down to it's component pieces. The cap is held to the housing by the 4 flattened corners, this can be taken apart easily if you take your time and think about what you're doing.


Pic 3/ (Left Pic) Remove offending wire

Pic 4/ (Right Pic)If you can't get a new electrical contact, use the end off a steel (not Aluminium) pop rivet

Pic 5/ (Left Pic)You may find the use of a Dremel helpful to enlarge the hole for the B/O wire. 

Pic6/ (Right Pic) Thread the new wire through, don't forget to use a new spring. You can tie a knot at this time also. (The bolt is originally riveted in and does not come out as per the pics. This light has been asembled without the knot that was there originally - Comments by Alasdair Brass, New Zealand).(Make sure the insulator inside the socket where the spring leans is still in good shape. Comments by Jean Marie, Belgium

Pic 7/ (Left Pic) Don't forget to clean up the bulb contact, then re-assemble

Pic 8/ (Right Pic) Put it all back together, test it, crimp back the four edges holding the foot, Job Completed....Now that wasn't so hard....


Warren Lovell put these together and laid out the directions, thanks Warren.

( Comments added to Warrens Original, all comments welcome)


More to come as I sort through my Notes.




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