Seelite's as received or found.


It's not necessary to mark the rear of the reflector to replace the bulb, this was done simply to show where things line up for explanation purposes.

The Lens, ring and reflector will only go back together one way, all you need to know is the relationship of the terminals to the reflector notches.


A Dremel with a thin cut off wheel works best to separate the rim from the lens and reflector


Easy to use hand held propane torch actually uses a disposable cigarette lighter-  Bulb removed


Removing old solder off a usable original bulb, Focal length check Old and New


Various numbers found on Lenses

Completed Headlights



Although my Seelites were restored using original bulbs, replacement bulbs can be found. Some serious work has to be done to make them fit. The ring must be removed and as the diameter of the bulb housing is 1.5mm larger than the originals, the hole in the reflector can be increased to accomodate the new size. I purchased some way back when I first considered doing this, I had to buy a Min. of 10 bulbs. I found them in England. You'll have to do your own search for these.