Shed Of Dreams 1

Dedicated to all those "treasurers" found in sheds all over the World.

Let me know if you have something special you want to share.


  Racked up 76 jeeps  Front View of the 76 jeeps  More jeeps than you can poke a stick at  What a lovely sight! 76 jeeps  Pick one, any one  How to stack History!  Looking down

Top Row  More of the Top Row  Top Row - The other way  There's no such thing as "Too many jeeps"

Jeep Heaven  MB - Bit dusty in here! Check your windshield Sir!  Dash - Few bits missing  Bit more of the same dash  Needs a Spring Clean under there!

Sparton Horn - Late '45 replacement perhaps!  1945 GPW Engine Bay  Other side of that '45 GPW Engine Bay  

Funny Mod. Who put it there?        A little dust never hurt!

Looking for NOS Half door Canvas?  Rear end of a late GPW  Rebuilt MB Engines  Ron & Dennis considering "Where do you start on this pile"  Inside one on the Top Row

NOS 250 Radio Mounts anyone?  Used Carburetors  Engines looking for some jeeps  NOS Late Wiper assemblies


- NORWAY - Part 1 -

Yup!....It's a real Gaz  Can you say "I want a Ford GP"  Ford GP  - A little sad, but restorable  Ford GP  Hard to read GPW engine number

Gaz up this jeep    Gaz Dash  Side of a Ford GP  Looks like a GPA, but it's a Gaz amphibian  Inside that Gaz GPA clone  Rear end of the Gaz Amphibian

Would you believe a late MB?  Jeeps never leak, they just mark their territory  Can you say "Scripted" Slat Grill MB  Slat grill solid rim - Just perfect!  Two bolt Axe bracket and square F/T well

Slat grill MB  That's right! Early MB without a glove box Nice plates!  A better look at that slat grill  Modified rear plate  


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