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Drawing Description **** New Listing Pic Drawing File No.
Ignition Wires, Lengths & fittings includes the Coil lead  


Bracket, Headlight support (attached to fender panel) GPW-13078 (2 Drawing Set)   hl-brk.gif & hl-brk-2.pdf
Accelerator Linkage Complete assembly Incl. Engine Mounting plate,Linkages,Blocks & Tabs ****

Torque Reaction Spring, with W-O & Ford Difference Includes Both Springs and Straps **** tq-sprng.pdf
Torque Reaction Spring , Bolt Lock Assembly **** W-O A6236 FM-GPW 5601 tq-sprn2.pdf
Shroud, Radiator, GPW  ( 3 Drawing Set )****   8146-1,-2,-3.pdf
Shroud, Radiator, Willys MB ( 2 Drawings) New Jan 2014R-shroud-MB.pdf
Radiator Stay Rod - From Cowl to Radiator ****   rad-rod.pdf
Cowl Drain, Modification ****   takrenne.pdf
Air Cleaner Mounting Bracket, OUTER [Nearest Fender]****


Air Cleaner Mounting Bracket, INNER **** Air-CB2.pdf
Radiator Grill Wiring harness steel strap under lip above H/L opening****   Grilclip.pdf
Radiator Grill Mounting Bracket, Frame attached ****   Grill-Mt.pdf
Brace, Generator, Mounting Bolts (2 x Stepped Bolts)****   Bolt-gen.pdf
Horn Bracket FORD ****   Horn-bkF.pdf
Horn Bracket WILLYS ****   Horn-bkW.pdf
Bracket Oil Filter Mounting Straps (Two Straps holding Oil Filter to Mounting bracket****   oil-fb-2.pdf
Bracket-Assy-Oil Filter Mounting GPW-18863 WO-A-1247   18863 Oil Filter Bracket 3 drawing set.pdf
Bracket, Support, Oil Filler Pipe (Tube support to Oil Filter Bracket) W-O A5105 FM-GPW 6670  


Shield, Air Cleaner Assembly GPW-9647 WO-A-642   9647.pdf
USMC Lift (Hold down) Rings Measured from Originals. Fitted to rear and front


Air Deflector, Slat Grill, Under Hood W-O A-2977 (First 25,808 vehicles) W-O A-2979 (later)   air-deft.pdf
Air Deflectors, Radiator - Slat Grill - Left and Right sides ****   slatair2.pdf
Bracket, Grease Gun,Under hood,(3 Drawing Set ) greasegh,greasegh2,greasegh3.pdf
Bracket,Grease Gun,Reio. Plates Under Hood greasegh4.pdf
Battery Support, Tray only MB ONLY standard ( Not two piece type) ****(2 Drawing Set )   MB-battry,-battry2.pdf
Battery Support - SLAT GRILL 2 Piece - Trays & Location **  2 Drawing Set

Slatbatt.gif & Slatbat2.pdf

SLAT GRILL JEEP Grill - Individual parts to make repairs and replace broken or missing pieces or to make a complete slat grill

All measurements are from an original grill which are different to the current reproduction grills.

Now Available Click on The Camera Icon to see the parts. 

Part A & H Black Out Light Bracket & Wiring Harness Tabs

Part B & C Vertical Ribs and Vertical Ribs Inner Head Light

Part D & I Top Frame Bracket  & Lower Frame Bracket  and dimensions of the complete grill

Part E Head Light Ring Frame

Part F Side Brace To Fender

Part G Black Out Light Frame Brace


  Ask for the lot ( 6 Drawings )

or individual drawing by Part 

All drawings in pdf format.


Battery Support, Frame Attached GPW ONLY   bat-sup.pdf
Frame, Hold down, Battery FM-GPW-5165 WO-A-1291   batrytop.pdf
Strap & J-Bolt, for Battery Hold Down (above) batstrap.pdf
Tandem Hitch, W-O A-7927( Includes the Wood Block A-8105) 5 Drawing Set   Tandem1, 2, 3, 4, 5.pdf
20 Photos, By Claude Pons & Frank for construction purposes also available    
Bracket, Circuit Breaker, Under Dash


Brace, Generator, (w/handle) FM-GPW-10153-A, WO-A-1491 (complete) 3 pieces 10153.pdf
Brace, Gen., Short FM-GPW-10143, WO-A-1399, Guide Adj. Gen. FM-GPW-10162, WO-A-1400    
Lubrication Chart Holder, two piece, under hood (3 drawing set ) lube-1, 2, & 3.pdf
Photos available from Frank of Original, suitable for construction purposes.    
Hood Block, Wood with Insert (after MB 218345) GPW 16849, W-O A-4683 hoodwood.pdf
Mounting Tab, Fender to Frame, (Fender Repair Drawing) GPW type tab-fend.pdf
Frame, Side Rail from Front X member to front end (Includes Loc.of front spring hangers) f-frame.pdf
Bumper Bar, Front GPW-17750   17750.pdf
Bumper/Gusset Spacer tube ****   A-1120.pdf
Gusset, Frame to Bumper 17750-g.pdf
Filler, Front Bumper Bar, Wood GPW 17751, W-O A-1147 (2 Drawing set ) 17751 & 17751e.pdf
Plate Support, Capstan Winch Awaiting More Measurements   Under Review
T-1 Compressor Mounting Brackets   Comp-brk.pdf
Compressor box coming soon.    

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