GPW 109945

DOM 21 APRIL 1943


Before & After 22 Months



Registered on 21 April 2003, 60 years to the day it was first manufactured.

Well done P L N

Some additions added December 2009

The T-1 Compressor, part of the Cross Country Kit.


First it required that I make the brackets to fit the motor, all the drawings, both brackets and the Air Hose Box, are available through Jon at JeepDraw.


Next part of the project is making the Air Hose Box attached to the passenger side foot rest.


There's one slight error I made making the box, but if I don't tell you , you won't see it.



NEW PROJECT Started Late 2004

Some have asked for what I am working on. Well THIS  is GPW #214852

All Matching Numbers Called "Rustie"

Winner of the Best Restored WW2 jeep at the 2008 Portland MVPA Convention

So far I have the fenders / grill / engine done and am working on the hood as well as several other items, my trailer is getting FULL of done parts.

Below are the Before Photos the Completed photos will be put up against the Before ones as parts get done.




Fender Repairs Jan-06


Hood repairs Febuary-06





Update February 2007



After 2 and 1/2 years finally a rolling chassis. Had to rebuild 3 feet of the left rail and 1 foot of the right rail. Got lucky, frame measured out at 1/32" out of square and level. Tub next, then the Odograph." Photo of the special drive for the Odograph can be seen between the transfer case and the handbrake drum on the lower left side photo.


Thanks to Mike Wright reading the write-up below explains in basic terms what an Odograph does.

I made the IDIOT box on the dash from a sketch in the Manual  and the Accessory box under the Pass seat. Did a trial fit of everything for the setup so it all fits. This GPW will be shown at the Portland,. Oregon. 2008 National Convention

Dash Mounted Odograph Warning Light Box


Trial fitting of the Odograph Equipment, repaired original fenders ( See repair section above) and original grill




Last weekend, some friends turned up to help trial fit the tub to the frame (chassis) . Here Joe Potter is pointing out that spray can tops really do  the job keeping beer out of the transmission when working on it...Chuck, in the background, considering the possibilities of which parts are in dire need of attention. Looking good so far.....

     Time to get serious, the Portland MVPA Convention is not that far away so the tub was completely stripped by sandblasting, primed and re-painted over the past two weeks.(August 2007)


In the meantime, Jon (JeepDraw) printed the Gauge faces and sent them back, everything is going along smoothly.   

Tub Rotated and top sprayed early September 2007




Here's an opportunity for those who are quick, a Schwarze Horn, totally correct for an MB or a Slat Grill jeep, but I need a Sparton Horn, and it must be original, in good working condition and good condition overall, appearance wise.

The Schwarze is, I believe harder to obtain than the Sparton and I'm looking for a clean swap, but you pay the postage.

UPDATE November 4th 2007

This Horn has now found a home in Iowa, set up in a Slat Grill jeep where it belongs.


October 2007 Update.

Tub spray painting was completed and tub fitted over a weekend when a few friends came over to help, this is starting to look like the real thing again.



NOVEMBER 2007 Update

The Canvas arrived from WeeBee Webbing and couldn't wait to check the look and the fit - Perfect! I had some NOS Door straps which matched , note the GPW way of fitting the Door strap safety eye, horizontal!




Expected to arrive next week are the hood marking stencils from Jon ( now to find the correct blue paint. I'll add a photo of the masking up and finished hood when the job is done

Finished! Very hard to take photos of this Blue Drab.



***********Just a little update on the Odograph toy in Rustie.***********
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 25th 2007 Hooked the battery cables up and turned her ON. NOTHING!!, so I hit the vibrator and she started to run. Next problem is it wouldn't stop hunting on one direction. One tube replacement and adjustment of the voltage for the emitter lamp (in the compass head) and now she hunts as she should. About once every 1/2 second. BOY! IS THIS SUCKER NOISY.
But all in all it is great news, after 60+ years the lights work and the thing hunts. Checked the reading of 335 Degrees against the Hull compass I have and they match. So far it looks like a keeper.

Some people have asked what's actually inside one of these "Gizmo's" , the simple answer is "Lots" It's chock a block full of shafts, gears, tumblers and things that go bang in the night. I dread the day when the numbers on the tumblers need replacing, and I always thought replacing them on Speedos was fun. ......... Paulie. Dec.'07


Things I do in my "Spare Time" - Home Made Weed Tire Chains 



Completed and complimented by the Barcalo-Buffalo Wrenches



Reproduction Autolite  Battery turned up and fitted with a NOS Battery Cable 


Maker is:- Antique Auto Battery

Address is:-  2320 Old Mill Rd. Hudson, OH. 44236 

Tele #330-425-2395 / 1-800-426-7580

 Part #G1autolite /RF/HD


Rustie is now ready for the road.