4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade. This Brigade was formed in New Zealand from parts of the 2nd. New Zealand Division which returned from service in Crete and Greece. The Brigade rejoined the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces after El Alamein, and served in the remainder of the operations in North Africa. As part of the 2nd New Zealand Division the Brigade served in operations in Italy. White Dragon on a black background.


6th New Zealand Division. This formation was raised in 1942 in the Middle East, at the time of Rommel's threat to Egypt. It was raised from units of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces not forming part of the 2nd. New Zealand Division Order of Battle, and was made up from reinforcements, training establishments and L & C  Units. The Unit was later disbanded and the Units reverted to their former roles or were absorbed into the 2nd New Zealand Division. White Kiwi on a black background.

The Kiwi Tac sign was also used by the 3rd New Zealand Division in the Pacific theatre.

5th New Zealand Division . Formed as part of the Home Defence Force

White Kea head on a black background     New Zealand Kea 



H.Q. New Zealand Expeditionary Forces

4 N.Z. Stars on a dark blue background






My appreciation to Ray Kennedy, Tasmania for assisting me in this endeavour, for without him I would still be floundering.

"Formation Badges of World War 2 - Britain, Commonwealth & Empire" By Howard Cole.

Australian Army Standing Orders

Original Art - As per. Ordnance Directorate, H.Q., A.I.F. (ME) Dated 18 Jan 42, (*) denotes the original source from which the Army derived the images.

 Rising Sun, (From the Australian Army Badge*),  Swan ( From the Coat of arms of Western Australia*)  Sgt.G Ackroyd, A.A.O.C.( Australian Army Ordnance Corp) H.Q., A.I.F.(ME)

Dingo( From a Photograph*) - M.H..& I. Sec.,H.Q., A.I.F. (ME)

Kookaburra (From a Photograph*) - Lt.Col.G.H.Moran, A.A.O.C. & Mr. Harvey

Kangaroo ( From 1939 Australian Penny*) - Draftsmen at A.H.Q. Melbourne, Australia.

Emu ( Australian Coat of Arms*) - Mechanization Directorate

Platypus (From 1937 9d. Stamp*) - Sgt. Stockfield, Map Issuer, H.Q., 1 Aust. Corps (G Branch)

Other Images were already in use prior to the issue of this Ordnance Directorate.

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