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Hole Location

Drawing Description Pic Drawing File No.
Rear Panel, Ford, Script Early, No Trailer socket, No jerry can holder, New Nov 2012 1140324-Script.pdf
Rear Panel, MB/GPW (After Trailer Socket Fitted) (2 Drawing Set)   1140324.pdf & rear-reo.pdf
Reflector Position - Rear panel Early (No Trailer Socket)    reflectorrear-early.pdf
Left Side Rear 1/4 Panel (Door opening to rear panel) (2 Drawing Set)   grid 1-ds.pdf , grid 2-ds.pdf
Left Side Close up of rear Top bow bracket and side reflectors as noted on Drawing Grid2-ds - Works for both sides so only 1 drawing needed for both left and right sides. Includes side panel Corner Handle hole locations and Reio Plate   grid2-SR.pdf
Left side, Cross Reference Drawing   grid 2xr.pdf
Half Door Holes Cross Reference Drawing   half door.pdf
Left Side Front 1/4 Panel (2 Drawing set)   grid3-ds, grid4-ds.pdf
Left Fender Top (Black Out Light Location & Wiring Holes & Clip, hood hold down holes)   b-o-Loc.pdf
Right Fender Top (Hood hold down holes and if required 6V Federal  Model "O" Type Siren Location   siren-l.pdf
Left Fender Top VEP (Very Early production) Retro Fitted (Black Out Light Location & Wiring Holes & Clip)   BO-VEP-L. Pdf
Left Inner Fender Panel - All holes   left-gd.pdf
Right Inner Fender Panel and Brace, Regulator bracket (2 Drawings)   le-rt-gd.pdf


Lubrication Chart Holder Location (See Lube. Chart Holder for fabrication - Front Section)   Lube_loc.pdf
Grease Gun Bracket Hole Location on hood side (See Grease Gun Bracket for Fabrication - Front Section)   greaseg4.pdf 
Hood Hold down & Wood block hole Location   hoodhole.pdf
Right Side Front Panel (2 Drawing set)   grid-7ps.pdf, grid-8ps.pdf
Right Side Rear Panel (2 Drawing Set)   grid-5ps.pdf, grid-6ps.pdf
Dash Panel, All holes, includes First Aid kit location if required   dash-c.pdf
Glove Box for Data Plate Locations, & Tandem Hitch Plate   datahole.pdf
Windshield Top Rail Holes for Canvas Hood Clips   w-s-stud.pdf
Slat Grill, Right Side Front Panel, Fire Extinguisher Location   s-g-fe-l.pdf

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