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Standard Markings

Drawing Description Pic Drawing File No.
Star, 4", Front Bumper   star-4in.gif
Star, 6", Rear side Panels   star-6in.gif
Star, 10", 1/4 Ton Trailer ( W-O MBT & Bantam) Panels for Rear and sides( as per AR850-5)****   star-10in.gif
Star, 12" Rear Panel, Early jeep series with No Spare Fuel Carrier   star-12.gif
Star, 15", Hood, Set at 1.75" from Cowl /Dash edge   star-15.gif
Star, 5","Invasion Style",Rear side Panels (Largest Star that will fit)**** star-5_it.gif
Star, 20", "Invasion style",Hood, (Neat fit between Hinge and Hood Blocks) Original Photo  star-20.gif
Hood Lettering and Numbers, Includes "S", Factory Applied 2" Font(including W for earlier series) These are done to your personal Numbers, send your Hood Number With Request

See Al Brass's GPW on my Home Page http://jeepdraw.com/GPW_in_Detail.html These were done using the files. Sent as a GIF, DXF, Ai & EPS files For Computer Cut Sticky back stencils which you have done locally. Flat Charge of $6.00 applies per vehicle number set.

  Eps, Dxf & Gif Your Hood Number
Hood Lettering & Numbers Location (as found on my 44 GPW)   fa-locnl.gif
Numbers As per AR 850-5 Unit Applied 3" As shown in AAW   ar-850n.gif

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