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Drawing Description Pic Drawing File No.
 TOBE- Radio Filterette Box and Hinged Lid (2 Drawing set) NEW MAY 2015
 TOBE-Radio-Filter-Box 1 & 2 Pdf's
Radio Filter Box, Under Pass Seat, side mounted(2 Drawing set) fil-box-01,02.pdf
Shield, Fuel Tank , Base of Drivers seat to Rear Floor includes Wood Spacer for Willys - WO-A-2930 & WO-A-3248 Stone Shield Drivers Side-Rear.pdf
Well, Fuel Tank Drain, Assbly GPW-1111324 WO-A-3497 Part A 1111324a.pdf
Well, Fuel Tank Drain, Assbly GPW-1111324 WO-A-3497 Part B 1111324b.pdf
Well, Fuel Tank Drain, Assbly GPW-1111324 WO-A-3497 Part C 1111324c.pdf
Well, Fuel Tank Drain, Assbly GPW-1111324 WO-A-3497 Part D 1111324d.pdf
Well, Fuel Tank Drain, Assbly GPW-1111324 WO-A-3497 Part E 1111324e.pdf
NOTE: - THIS Fuel Tank Well IS NOT SUITABLE FOR EARLY MODELS,Working at getting measurements for the earlier square corner type.   .
Bows, Hood GPW 1151266 W-O A-2897 Complete Includes Footman loop locations.   hoodbow.pdf
Bracket, Hand Rail, Left & Right Assemblies (Hood Bow Housing Brackets on side panels)
GPW 1129068 W-O-A-2745, GPW 1129069, W-O-2744
Panel, front seat body side, (Hip Crash Pads) Right Assembly, GPW 1162180, W-O A 2911 1162180.pdf
Panel, front seat body side, (Hip Crash Pads) Left Assembly, GPW 1162181, W-O A 2910 1162181.pdf
Clamp, Axe, Assembly, Rear GPW 1128254, W-O A-2984   1128254.pdf
Bracket, Shovel, (on body side panel) GPW 1128258, W-O A-3082 1128258.pdf
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher, (off set pump handle type,
with Body Stand Off Brackets and Straps for mounting) ( 2 Drawing Set)****
f-ext-b & f-ext-bS.pdf
Bracket, Rear, Fuel Tank hold down GPW 9062 W-O A-2952(middle of front floor) f-tstrap.pdf
Other fuel tank strap brackets coming soon    
Heat Shield Master Cylinder GPW-5118 WO-A-647 5118.pdf
Bar, Master Cylinder, Tie GPW-2138 WO-A-1354 (Brake Master Cyl.Bracket under frame)   GPW-2138-Bar-Master-Cyl-Tie.pdf
Bracket, Cross member, brake pedal spring return

cross member return spring bracket.pdf

Bracket, Cross member, engine stay cable (GPW/MB Composite)  

  cross member ENG stay cable.pdf

Brackets Support, Muffler, & Location, Side Exhaust System ( 2 Drawing Set)**** muff-brk, muffbrk2.pdfs
Clutch Lever Control Rod
Muffler Bracket Plate, GPW 5274 5274.pdf
Caged Nut sheeting **** (For making missing holders for the Sq. Nuts)****   Caged-nut.pdf
Brackets, Footman Loop, Shovel Strap, Willys & MB GPW Composite

Footman-Loop, Shovel Brackets, MB-GPW Comp.pdf
Brackets, Footman Loop, Shovel Strap, EARLY GPW ONLY (Ford produced Tub)     EARLY-GPW-SHOVEL-FM-LOOP-BRAC..Pdf
Plate, Under Frame Skid, Willys, Two Piece ( 2 Drawing set)   skid wo.gif & skid wo2.pdf
Plate, Under Frame Skid, SLAT GRILL, one piece (Easy Construction)   slat skid.pdf
Plate, Underframe Skid, Ford (One Piece)  


T84 G/Box Shift Plate, ( fitted under the top cover) ****

Front floor, less hump, repair panel and hole locations Very big drawing****

Front Floor Part 2 - Floor Starter Switch Hole Locations above the transmission cover plate



fflo-Starter Switch Loc.pdf

Drivers Side Floor Repair Panel (Includes Holes) dv-floor.pdf
Seals, Front Floor Miscellaneous (Cover Plates, steering column, dipper, starter switch Etc)   seals.pdf
Cover, Floor Transmission, (Cover Plate, main, front floor)
GPW 1112110 W-O A-2982 (2 Drawing Set)
Side View
Grommet, Pedal Shaft, GPW 2476-A, W-O A-641   2476.pdf
Ring, Transmission Shift Lever Grommet, GPW 1112117, W-O A-2918 1112117.pdf
Ring, Gear, Shift Lever Housing Cover, GPW 1112119, W-O A-2919 1112119.pdf
Ring, Steering Column, Floor Seal, GPW 1112158, W-O A-2917 1112158.pdf
Cover, Transmission, Case Inspection, GPW 7518, W-O A-630103
(Bell Housing Oval Cover)
Front Floor Reinforcing "Top Hats" Suitable for Ford & Composite including Front Floor
"Top Hat" LAYOUT MEASUREMENTS (6 Drawing Set)Includes seat reio. plates & Captive Nuts
fr1-ps1.pdf, fr2-ps3.pdf fr3-ds1.pdf, fr4-ps1.pdf,
fr5-ds2.pdf, fr-layout.pdf
Seat Base, Front, FORD, SMALL FILLER TANK (Drivers Side)   seat-smf.pdf
Seat Base, Front, FORD, LARGE FILLER TANK (Drivers Side)   seat-lgf.pdf
Seat Base, Front, FORD, (Passenger side)   seat-pasf.pdf
Seat Base, Front, WILLYS, SMALL FILLER TANK (Drivers Side)   sseat-smw.pdf
Seat Base, Front, WILLYS, LARGE FILLER TANK (Drivers Side)   seat-lgw.pdf
Seat Base, Front, WILLYS, (Passenger side)****   Seat-P-W.pdf
Seat, front, passenger hinge swivel bracket ( attaches to Seat & Floor)****   seat-piv.pdf
Plate, Passenger side Reinforcing "Y" Willys & Comp. Ford only   side-plt.pdf
Bracket, First Aid Kit (2 Drawing Set) 1st-aid1.gif, 1st-aid2.pdf
First Aid Kit,Dimensions of box.**** First-AidB.pdf
Ask for Dash-C.gif for location of mounting holes if required. First Aid Kit,
Dimensions of box. First Aid Kit, Lid Stencils
(Two Styles, ask if you want *.dxf format for Computer Cut Stencils)
With and without the Stock Number on lid, specify in Request.
1st-lid.gif or 1st-lid2.pdf
First Aid Kit, Medical Department Caduceus Logo DXF for Paint Mask stencil Cutting (2 File set) **** 1st-med, 1st-med2.dxf
First Aid Kit, Medical Department Logo (in Color) 1st-med.pdf
Bracket Mirror, Complete assembly, including arms 21CSI 7682 mirror-b.pdf
Cover, Canvas, Mirror ( Also Listed in Misc. Sect -Canvas-) canvas-m.pdf
Post, Floor to Up behind Dash, side reinforcing braces side-reo.pdf
Dash Pad, Fire Wall, MB/GPW, Early Series   dashpad1.pdf
Dash Pad, Fire Wall, MB/GPW, Mid Series   dashpad2.pdf
Dash Pad, MB/GPW, Late Series & Extra Piece near Glove Box   dashpad3.pdf & dashextra.pdf
Bracket, Support, Rifle Holder to W/Shield Location 581-584L.pdf
Bracket, Support, Rifle Holder to W/Shield Left Assembly W-O A-11581 11581.pdf
Bracket ,Support, Rifle Holder to W/Shield Right Assembly W-O A-11584 11584.pdf
Bracket, Swivel, Thompson SMG , Muzzel retaining loop inside of Rifle Holder (usually missing)**** SMG-Loop.pdf
Plate, Cover, Rifle Holder ( Steel strap plate to hold canvas cover to Rifle Rack)**** Gun-Cover-Plate.pdf

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