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Drawing Description = **** New Listing Pic Drawing File No.
Flag Holder, Display and Parades, Bumper mounted, No holes required****   Flag-Bar.gif
Half door Setting - Tool Simple tool to set the half door sockets  


6V-12V Fuel Gauge Wiring (Perf. Board & Details)Michael Wierman Drawing   6-12v-c.gif
Ring & Clip, MB/GPW Tyre (Tire) gauge (For replacement of these usually misssing parts)   tyregauge.gif
Tyre (Tire) Chains 16 - 6.00 Military WEED and INCO Brands (Hook Type) for Willys and Ford "F" marked Weed brand used for measurements (3 Drawing set)   tyrechn1,tyrechn2, tyrechn3.gifs
Head lamp guard, assembly, (steel) W-O A-3494   hl-gd-s.gif
Radio Pic Drawing File No.
MP50 Drivers Side Mounting Rear Location and Brush Guard Construction****   MP50-mt.gif
MP50 Drivers Side Under Grab Handle for SCR-193-K Location Holes****   MP50-mtf.gif
MP50 ( SCR-193-K ) Forward Location Brush Guard****   MP50-fbg.gif
MP50 Radio Antenna Base****   MP50-mta.gif
.   .
MZ MB Windshield Footman Loop Antenna Stowage Location Holes****   MZ-wasm.gif
Canvas Parts Pic Drawing File No.
Tool Bag, Drawn from an Original, Includes sewn in metal strap usually missing from repros.****   tool-bag.gif
Rear View Mirror Cover****   canvas-m.gif
TM803 book case, Holds all 3 TM's TM9-803, TM9-803A, Tm9-803B fits in Glove Box   can-book.gif
Headlight Covers, Drawn from Originals   Canv-HL2.gif
Canvas Covers for Hip Pads Drawn from Originals canvas-hp-a.gif
Tools to Make Pic Drawing File No.
Steering Wheel puller 2 Drawings   wheel-p.gif & wheel-p2.gif
Confined Space Riveting Tool (For frame riveting) Riveting Jack type base and Air Tool riveter   riveting.gif
Transfer Case Axel Pinion Seal Extractor and Insertion Tool****   tool-tcr.gif
Shock Absorber Compression Tool****   shk-tool.gif
Grill Top Webbing Riveting Tool.****   rivet-c.gif
Brake Wrench, as designed by 503rd Ord.Heavy.Maint.Coy. Ideal for jeep brake adjustment****   Brake-W.gif
Water Pump Pulley - Easy to make, easy to use. To remove the pulley from the Water Pump w-pump-p.gif


To print these out "Fit to Page" and you have Win '98 or higher, or Paint Shop Pro..
First make a new folder on your hard drive, call it.. ??? Drawings.. or something like that..
Save the attached to that folder.
Go to "START", (click) up to "PROGRAMS"... on the fold out, go up to "ACCESSORIES", on that fold out, find "IMAGING", it's a Kodak view program...comes free with Win '98.
Open IMAGING, go FILE, OPEN, open one of the saved drawing,
Under FILE, go PRINT, when that box appears, go to PROPERTIES, (set either Landscape or Portrait)
In the SAME PRINT BOX.. you should see OPTIONS.. click on that and set for "FIT TO PAGE"

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