Australian Vehicle Markings Part 3. (Location)

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The NTF [Northern Territory Force]( Water Buffalo on Black Background) was located in and around Darwin and  "down the track" in many locations close to the Stuart Highway. (There were about 10 airfields also which had runways "on" or beside the highway with all the associated taxiways , support facilities, bunkers etc.) Places like Howard Springs, Adelaide River were existing towns and camps were set up. A series of camps were also set called "miles camps" for example 2.5 mile camp, 12 mile camp. etc all the way down the highway to Adelaide River about 67 miles from the Post Office in Darwin. 57 mile camp was just south of Coomalie Airfield which is located at the turn off to Rum Jungle (70km south of Darwin, the highway has since been re-aligned, about 1978, to remove the bends which were designed to prevent the Japanese from having long straight strafing runs at the military convoys.
The 1945 maps show the 57 mile location having 2 bores. The existing stretch of highway is still in use today and a trucking yard (animal livestock) now exists on the site, the bores are still in use. ( Information courtesy of Garry
Tucker N.T.)


Other Locations - Under Construction


My appreciation to Ray Kennedy, Tasmania for assisting me in this endeavour, for without him I would still be floundering.

"Formation Badges of World War 2 - Britain, Commonwealth & Empire" By Howard Cole.

Australian Army Standing Orders

Original Art - As per. Ordnance Directorate, H.Q., A.I.F. (ME) Dated 18 Jan 42, (*) denotes the original source from which the Army derived the images.

 Rising Sun, (From the Australian Army Badge*),  Swan ( From the Coat of arms of Western Australia*)  Sgt.G Ackroyd, A.A.O.C.( Australian Army Ordnance Corp) H.Q., A.I.F.(ME)

Dingo( From a Photograph*) - M.H..& I. Sec.,H.Q., A.I.F. (ME)

Kookaburra (From a Photograph*) - Lt.Col.G.H.Moran, A.A.O.C. & Mr. Harvey

Kangaroo ( From 1939 Australian Penny*) - Draftsmen at A.H.Q. Melbourne, Australia.

Emu ( Australian Coat of Arms*) - Mechanization Directorate

Platypus (From 1937 9d. Stamp*) - Sgt. Stockfield, Map Issuer, H.Q., 1 Aust. Corps (G Branch)

Other Images were already in use prior to the issue of this Ordnance Directorate.

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