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Photos that become available of NOS (New Old Stock) and some are not NOS, but nevertheless interesting, will be placed here as a matter of interest. . The Images remain the property of their respective owners, and should not be used without the owners consent. Email addresses of the owners are at the end of each section.

I do not own these parts, so don't email me asking about selling them.





Ford Pressure Plates, W-O Bellcrank, Ford Pistons, Ford Clutch, Ford Bearings, Tobe Filterette, Ford R/Axel Gasket


Ford Timing cover, Ford T/fer Case Gaskets, Spark Plug Wrench, Brake return Spring, Brown Dist. Cap


Battery hold down, Lg.  Fuel Cap, Ford B/O service, Ford B/O, Ford Gen. Armature, "Gas" fuel Gauge


Radiator Cap, Accelerator Linkage, Fuel Filter Gasket, Ford Gen. Brush Set, Ford Uni. Joint, Fuel Filter


Ford Camshaft, Ford Acc. Tag, Ford Thermostat, Ford B/O Tail, Starter Brush set


Ford Spring Rivets, Ford Oil Pump, Ford Transfer Levers 1 & 2, Oil Filter differences.

Photos owned by Sean Elliott , Brisbane. AUSTRALIA



Air Cleaner Wingnuts - Photos owned by Ken Clay


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