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Spare wheel lock, Hand Cranks, Split Rim Bolts, Rear Panel Reio Kit, Expansion Kit, NOS W/Shield Cover


Heater Kit, T-1 Compressor, Orig. Light Switch tag, Mixed NOS, Ford Socket & Sq. Tool, B Type Regulator


Ford Radiator Box & Cap, Ford Gen Repair, Carb. Gasket Set

Pics by Frank Berg, Frogner, Norway, Al Brass, Christchurch. New Zealand  Jon Rogers Australia.



Ford GPA Voltmeter, Ford Clutch Release and Pressure Kit Box & Contents, Hull Compass & Instruction Tag


    Radiator Mounts, Body Mounts, G/G Adaptor-Brake Wrench-Shock Tool, Cotter Pins, Felt Seals


NOS Trailer Harness, Oil Pump Kit, Half Doors-NOS, T-1 Compressor Hose


Winterization Kit

Pics by Terry Peters Swansea, WALES


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